Patient Care

Holding hands

In all the developed countries, there are well established old-age homes that provide a protected, safe and nurturing environment for their senior citizens that helps them lead an independent and fruitful life.

In India, a similar environment was provided by the joint family structure.  However, with the breaking of that tradition and the emergence of nuclear families, the required structure to take care of the elderly has been shattered and it is now becoming increasingly difficult for the aging Indian population to lead a safe and comfortable life.  In most families, the responsibility of looking after elderly parents rests on the shoulders of the children, who are in many ways not competent to handle the complexities involved, especially when the parents are no longer able to take care of themselves fully.

This section contains collated and curated information that is meant to help amateur care givers do a better job of looking after the elderly in their homes.  However, for all serious matters, please do approach and take on the services of professional care givers.

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