Book review: The Complete Eldercare Planner

This is a guide to manage the care of your aging family.  Though it is written in the context of the western world, much of what is written is equally applicable to the millions of family caregivers across India. Excerpt from the first page: The caregiving journey will take you to places unimaginable, and in … Read moreBook review: The Complete Eldercare Planner

A more poignant meaning of customer attrition

In our business, most of our customers are elderly people. We meet them quite regularly, either when they come to our store or when we visit them when making a delivery. Invariably, they sit down and talk to us for a while, share some of their life’s highlights, the problems they are currently facing, the … Read moreA more poignant meaning of customer attrition

Women’s Day gesture by Adyarite

Donation of commode chair

Mrs. Lalitha Seetharam  a Senior Citizen of Besant Nagar Adyar  donated a new fully adjustable commode chair to Vishranthi an old age home in Pallavakam.  Old is Gold Store – a Store for Senior Citizens also from Adyar the supplier of the equipment facilitated  the process. Seen in the picture is Ms. Ganapathi Stores in charge  of Vishranthi home for the … Read moreWomen’s Day gesture by Adyarite

Family care givers support group

Over tens of millions of urban families in India have elders, who need special care and support, living at home.  Most of this care and support is provided by close family members – the spouse, children, close relatives and neighbours.  Only a few realize that taking care of elders/loved ones, who are no longer capable of … Read moreFamily care givers support group

Senior Mobile Phone from Fujitsu – The Stylistic S01

Fujitsu, the Japanese electronic major has recently launched a new mobile smart phone that has been designed and built ground up to be senior friendly.  While there are other players already in the senior phone market such as our own iball, Dora and Emporia in Europe, apart from many Chinese versions, but what Fujitsu has … Read moreSenior Mobile Phone from Fujitsu – The Stylistic S01

Silver and its anti-bacterial properties.

You would be surprised to know that silver and silver compounds have a toxic effect on various bacteria, viruses, algae and fungi. While heavy metals such as mercury and lead have similar properties, the advantage with silver is that it is not toxic to human beings unlike lead and mercury. Below are some of the … Read moreSilver and its anti-bacterial properties.

Budget 2013 – What’s in it for the Senior citizen

In a boost to geriatric care across the country, the national programme for the healthcare of the elderly has been allotted Rs. 150 crore under the Union Budget 2013-14. This fund is to be split among 21 states for 100 selected centres to improve facilities in hospitals/clinics for treatment and care of senior citizens. It … Read moreBudget 2013 – What’s in it for the Senior citizen