Senior companionship services.

CompanionshipServicesOne of the biggest, yet silent problems that seniors and the elderly face in today’s India is loneliness.   Most of today’s homes are double income families (where both husband and wife are working) given the escalating costs and inflation. The children, of course, go to school. Which leads to the elders in the house having it all to themselves through out the day.  Even after the family comes back, due to work related stress, they don’t have the inclination or energy to talk to the elders properly.

This kind of neglect is proving to be really harmful for the elders and more and more of them are being diagnosed as depressed.  The remedy is actually quite simple – elders need to have companionship – people who will talk to them, spend some quality time together and even help them learn things or take up a new hobby.

A new crop of companies have realized that with the breaking of the traditional family structures, the only way elders can get company is through professional services.  These companies called elder companionship services companies have trained staff (both men and women) who can come home and spend meaningful time providing elders with companionship, help in skills development and get them back in touch with the world.

WhenAt60 is a new company that provides such services.  You can get details about them at

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