5 steps to Happy Feet

A lot of senior citizens who come to our store complain of pain in their feet. While there could be several reasons for their pain, and it is best to approach the doctor for proper guidance and cure, one way to reduce foot pain is to increase blood circulation to your feet.

Age and certain chronic conditions such as diabetes can reduce the blood flowing to the extremities. This results in reduced oxygen and nutrient supply to the cells and this can result in pain.

Here are 5 things you can do to reduce pain in your feet:

jwalker1. Walk.
This may sound like weird advice for somebody already suffering from feet ache. However, a moderate amount of walking can significantly improve blood circulation which in turn can reduce pain in the feet.


2. Keep your legs warm.
In winter months, it can get chill in the night and as you know cold can affect blood circulation. Keep your feet warm by covering them with a blanket or using a heating pad or a hot pack/hot water bottle.

Oppo_3971 vissco_heatingpad

3. Don’t cross your legs.
Many of us tend to cross our legs while sitting. Crossing legs also affects the blood flow to our feet. Sit down with both legs to the ground (do not leave them dangling) or even better, rest them on a footstool.


4. Massage your legs.
There is nothing as soothing and relaxing as a nice massage. Have a younger one give you a proper massage. Alternately get one of the foot massagers available in the market and indulge yourself once in a while.


5. Reduce weight (if you are over-weight)
Obviously the more heavy you are, the more work your feet have to do. Reducing your weight can go a long way in reducing feet pain.

Here is wishing you “Happy Feet”.


Nice infographics – what’s common among centenarians?

Found this nice article on Entrepreneur.com.

Everyone has heard the saying “with age comes wisdom.” But what do the oldest people in the world have in common – and what can we learn from them?

There are only 300 to 450 estimated living centenarians – people aged 100 years or older – worldwide. People 110 or older are even rarer, with only 65 known supercentenarians alive right now, according to an infographic compiled by TopCollegesOnline.org.

The similarities among their habits and histories may surprise you. Exercising is a one commonality, but so is being born in fall and coming from a large family. The oldest person on record smoked for over a hundred years before she died in 1997, at age 122.

For more secrets of the world’s oldest people, check out the infographic below.