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Managing incapacities and sudden death – Part III

This is part-III of Precautions to protect assets after death.

Leaving behind instructions to handle incapacities
medicaid-nursing-home-coverageA closed cover noted as confidential stating name and date could be kept along with will or given to a close relative or a …

Precautions to protect assets after death – Part II

Continuing from Part – I.

Compliance-ChecklistPlease prepare a checklist on first of January or first of April each year of various due dates for compliance and prevent any omission/loss/ inconvenence. This will not only help keep track of your compliances …

Precautions to protect assets after death – I

last-will-and-testamentDeath is certain. When an individual dies suddenly, the family members will have to face problems if the individual, in anticipation of death, has not taken precautions and made arrangements to settle his affairs. While appreciating the inevitable truth that …