A little guilt is a good starting point.

caringforcaregiverWhen your parents get old and need to be cared for, one of you (among the children) will end up looking after them for the majority of the time. We wrote about that here.

However, just because you are not the one looking after your parents does not mean that you don’t have any responsibilities.

Are you feeling a little guilty that you are not the one providing the care giving? Good, because that is a great starting point. However, don’t let it end there. Do something to help your sibling doing the care giving so that their life also gets easier.

Think you are too far away to help? Think again! And find ways to help.
Feel you are too busy? Every one’s busy and you just have to find the time.
Don’t know how to help? Ask your brother or sister who is doing the looking after. They will know how you can help.
Think it’s easy? Try doing it yourself and see how enervating it is to watch a loved one suffer.

Be creative and learn how to help your sibling and your ageing parents lead a more comfortable life. Go ahead and pick up the phone and give your caregiving sibling a call now.

This is an article in the series – “The Elephant in the Room”.
The elephant in the room” (TEITR) series is meant to highlight many facts and realities about the life of senior citizens in India that most of us tend to ignore/avoid.

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