A more poignant meaning of customer attrition

facing-death1In our business, most of our customers are elderly people. We meet them quite regularly, either when they come to our store or when we visit them when making a delivery. Invariably, they sit down and talk to us for a while, share some of their life’s highlights, the problems they are currently facing, the progress of the grand-children that they are so proud of and a hundred other topics.

Quite understandably, we get quite attached to most of our customers and this makes it all the more difficult when we lose one of them (not to a competitor,that would not be so bad) by way of their passing away.

This is just a short note to all those who have passed on, to let you know that we are happy to have known you, glad that you had such a loving and caring family around you during your last days and hope that you are in a much better place now.

A note to the care givers: Rejoice in the fact that you were there at their time of need, and helped make their last days as trouble-free as possible.

From our side, we will take heart in having contributed in making their life and that of yours just a little bit more comfortable.