Elders week: Chennai Metro falls flat on Accessibility

The first week of October is marked as Elders week and a lot of programs are conducted around the country to highlight the fact that there is an elderly segment of population still living in India. Pensioners Associations, senior citizens bureaus, Probus clubs, and several private organizations working in the senior citizens sector have been … Read moreElders week: Chennai Metro falls flat on Accessibility

Elders week – Accessibility still out of reach

India’s first accessibility audit failed to find a single public building or place that was completely accessible to people with disability! That the first accessibility audit has been conducted decades after Independence is in itself a telling fact.  However, even this would not have happened except for PM Narendra Modi’s push for an accessible India. … Read moreElders week – Accessibility still out of reach

Choosing the right wheelchair

Choosing the right wheelchair for an elderly relative is a non-trivial activity. Wheelchairs come in many shapes and sizes, in many different materials, and designed for different uses. Here are 15 questions for which you need to know answers in order to decide on the right wheelchair. Is it for indoor use or outdoor use? … Read moreChoosing the right wheelchair