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You could be the chosen one!

thechosenoneYour parents may have 3-4 children or even more and yet the primary responsibility of looking after them in the old age may fall on you. The choice of you as the primary caregiver could be driven by many different …

New York times looks at family care giving from an NRI Perspective

New York times blog regularly covers issues relating to senior citizens in USA.  Many of the issues addressed are relevant to India as well.  Their latest entry talks about how NRIs cope with long-distance caring situations where the parent(s) live …

Book review: The Complete Eldercare Planner

BookReview1_CompleteEldercarePlannerThis is a guide to manage the care of your aging family.  Though it is written in the context of the western world, much of what is written is equally applicable to the millions of family caregivers across India.


Family care givers support group

RamaCareOver tens of millions of urban families in India have elders, who need special care and support, living at home.  Most of this care and support is provided by close family members – the spouse, children, close relatives and neighbours.  …

Patient Care

Holding hands

In all the developed countries, there are well established old-age homes that provide a protected, safe and nurturing environment for their senior citizens that helps them lead an independent and fruitful life.

In India, a similar environment was provided by …

Wheel Chair – Safety Precautions

Here are some simple things you need to check and do to ensure that the person sitting in the wheel chair is safe.

1.  When you are wheeling the patient within the house, the passages and door ways may be …