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Don’t give away all to your children, doctor advises parents

A new book called the Generation Gap has been released by Dr. V S Natarajan and Ms. Hema Narasimhan to delve into various aspects of elder abuse.

Here is an excerpt from the Hindu article.

vsnMake a will to protect …

Enteral Feeding – An introduction

Enteral-Feeding32Sometimes, a bedridden person may not be able to ingest food through their mouth. This can be due to various reasons, from refusing to eat (in some cases of dementia) to inability to swallow due to being comatose, having neurological …

Free bus pass for Senior Citizens in TN

MTC3Apart from availing tokens for free bus travel that will be distributed to senior citizens at 42 bus stands and depots across the city, senior citizens can also download forms at

The applicants should submit proof of age and …

A parent getting discharged from hospital?

Intensive Care signWhen a loved one gets hospitalized, there are Doctors and nurses to look after them while they are under their care. Despite that, the period of hospitalization can be very taxing, both emotionally and physically for the family members.

However, …

Seniors face land shark threats

The Senior Citizen Group recently convened a meeting to create awareness on encroachment and other issues faced by senior citizens.

You can read more about it here.…

A short film to create awareness about Parkinson’s Disease

A lot of people are still not aware of Parkinson’s Disease. Especially here in India, many people just think that the old man (or woman) is simply being obtuse and troublesome on purpose.  In this film, however, a doctor describes …

Workshop on bladder weakness


Using your ATM/debit card safely.

ATM-MachineA recent study shows that people become more trusting as they age. While there are a lot of positives associated with this increased trust, this can also lead to an increase in gullibility among the elders.

Recent news items show …

Staying safe and allergy free this Diwali

8210-on-head_D_2Diwali is fast approaching. While this is a joyous festival, for many of our elders, this is a time of great trepidation.

After all, Diwali is inextricably entwined with fireworks, and this means heightened levels of pollution that can lead …

Service Excellence Award from SCGOBN

The Senior Citizens Group of Besant Nagar has chosen Old is Gold Store as a recipient of the Service Excellence Award.

Their invite is attached below

Awards presentation ceremony invitation 1 (3)