Disposing the diaper after use

Here’s how you can responsibly dispose of used adult diapers.


1. Once an adult diaper has been used, immediately after removal, please check if there is any fecal matter in it.  If there is any fecal matter, dump the solid waste (not the entire diaper) into the toilet.

2. Roll the diaper in on to itself from one end to the other so that the soiled area is on the inside and use the tape available (for the nappy type diapers) to keep it closed.

3.  Put the rolled-up diaper in a plastic bag (a small garbage bag is ideal) and knot the mouth of the plastic bag tightly.

4.  When you next leave the house, drop the plastic bag into the nearest bin.

5. Wash your hands thoroughly.


a.  Do not try and flush the diaper into the toilet.  A diaper is too big to be flushed down and you will end up clogging the plumbing.

b.  Do not leave fecal matter in the diaper as this will attract stray dogs and other scavengers that will tear the diaper apart and strew the contents all over the place.

c.  Do not throw out the diaper without a plastic cover.

Finally, remember that though a few varieties of completely bio-degradable adult diapers are available, most of the ones available in the market are not fully bio-degradable. So use them wisely and sparingly.

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