Don’t wait for your first break – get Anti-slip mats

October 20th was the World Osteoporosis day.  Their slogan is “Stop at one.  Make your first break the last”.   According to some studies, 1 in 5 older people die within a year of their first fracture and 1 in 3 become dependent on others within a year of their first fracture. Since many older people are prone to Osteoporosis, with regular checkups, improved diet, calcium supplements, and care, even the first fall and fracture can be avoided.

One of the most common causes for a fracture we come across among older people is a fall in the bathroom.  This is not very surprising give that Indian bathrooms are perennially wet and slippery.  However, with a little effort this can be changed.   Reviewed below is a product that is fairly inexpensive and easy to install, clean and maintain and will probably give the elders at home several years of independent living.

Anti-slip mats

Called a snake mat or an anti-slip mat, this is a mat that is commonly used in public wet areas such as around swimming pools and is extremely good at keeping the surface dry while letting the water drain away.  The mat comes in rolls 15 mtrs in length and about 4 ft wide, but can be cut to fit most bathrooms.  The material is heavy enough so it does not curl up and trip anyone and light enough to be easily lifted and rolled up for cleaning.  Cleaning the mat is also fairly simple – just spraying water through a nozzle with some pressure should do.  Click here to buy.

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