Family care givers support group

RamaCareOver tens of millions of urban families in India have elders, who need special care and support, living at home.  Most of this care and support is provided by close family members – the spouse, children, close relatives and neighbours.  Only a few realize that taking care of elders/loved ones, who are no longer capable of taking care of themselves,  without any formal training can be very stressful and strenuous.  Watching loved ones suffer and struggle through the simplest of task and not being able to help in the best way possible results in many of the care givers ending up with depression.  As there are no support groups or NGOs looking after the needs of the family care giver community, these people, doing one of the most difficult jobs, are pretty much left to fend for themselves.

Ms. Rama Murali, a care giver herself, has taken it upon herself to start a self-help group for care givers and has come up with an entity called Care cubed along with a group within IIT-Madras.  She wants to see how technology can help care givers support each other.  The first planned meeting of care givers is slated for April 6th 2013 at Hotel Savera, Chennai.

If you are a family care giver and wish to participate in the session, please write to


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