Family caregivers

caregiverYou may not have heard of the term “family caregiver” before, but if you are over 40 years of age and are lucky enough to have parents arounds you, it is likely that you are a family caregiver.

Family caregivern.  A relative, friend or neighbour who is looking after an elderly or disabled person.

With nearly 100 Million people over the age of 60 in India, and hardly any professional home health care support, the onus of looking after the elderly at home falls squarely on the shoulders of the children and their families.

Care giving is invariably a very stressful activity as most family caregivers are not trained in taking care of the special needs of the elderly. The combination of watching loved ones suffer and not being entirely capable of providing the level of care they require can lead to a lot of frustration and eventually depression.

In addition, the elderly who are infirm and hence no longer active tend to direct some of their frustrations on the people around them, which invariably means that the target of their ire are the very caregivers looking after them.

Like the typical Indian home maker whose contribution to the family and the nation is never really acknowledged by the general population, so too are caregivers and their issues ignored.

This section of the information centre of Old is Gold Store will highlight the various issues faced by you as a family caregivers and provide information that will help you deal with various common situations you are likely to face everyday.

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