Importance of going out

Second in our series titled “The Elephant in the Room” highlighting common issues we tend to ignore.

senior_day_outMany old people, especially those with even minor balance issues, incontinence issues or other mobility issues, gradually lose their confidence and stop going out of the house altogether.

Given the state of the roads and traffic, we also, as children and care givers are happy with this trend because it saves us from a lot of anxiety and worry. Before too long, the only activity that our elderly are involved in is watching television.

This is a very dangerous trend. Without regular meeting with friends and other sensory imputs (beyond television, which is a very passive form of activity), the brain tends to deteriorate faster, possibly speeding up the process towards some form of dementia.

In addition, being cooped up in the house can lead to reduced exercise, faster degeneration of muscle tissue and increased irritability and depression.

As children and care givers of elders, however much easier it is to let them stay at home, it is our duty to ensure that they go out on a regular basis.

You can take them to the beach, arrange a group visit to a nice place or temple, get them to visit relatives, or even coax them to a walk in the neighbourhood park.

Do not let your insecurities compound theirs. Being imprisoned within four walls is no life for anybody, least of all our loved ones.

Take them out today!

Watch this space for more news in this area.

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