No country for old (wo)men

India today has over 78 Lakh citizens over the age of 80. The number of people in the 60-plus age group is expected to cross the 100 million mark in 2013!

“And yet, states haven’t woken up to putting in place systems or infrastructure to take care of its elderly” said a ministry official as quoted in TOI.

Elderly peopleThe health ministry is working on several initiatives under the National Programme for Healthcare of Elderly (NPHCE) including establishing geriatric wards and geriatric clinics at various levels of the district healthcare delivery system.  However, according to the review conducted by the Union Health Ministry most states have miserably failed to honour or execute the NHCPE.

Surprising, given the sizable geriatric population in India, even the private sector is lagging behind in this front.  Only a few hospitals have dedicated geriatric departments and  till very recently only one college offered a post graduate degree in geriatric medicine.

Why are we as a population and country so callous and uncaring about our disadvantaged, differently-abled, and elderly brethren?

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