Sakhi – Elder Care Products


Old is Gold Store – a store for senior citizens has launched a new range of products for elder care. Under the brand name  Sakhi, these products are designed and fabricated in-house and aim to provide comfort, convenience & dignity to elders.

Sakhi translates as companion and that is exactly what the range of products are expected to be – a companion to senior citizens & the disabled.

Sakhi will also wear the “Made in India” logo with a great deal of pride and confidence and will seek to raise the bar in design & quality.

The first in the series is Sakhi – Toilet Safety Rail, a device that can be easily fitted to your existing toilet featuring two handles that make getting up and sitting on the toilet an easier & safer task. Made of high grade Stainless steel the Toilet Safety Rail is designed to withstand wet conditions normally prevalent in Indian bathrooms.

The Series will soon feature a number of products for the disabled & elderly including

  • Sakhi – Toilet Raiser with arm rest.
  • Sakhi – Hinged arm rest
  • Sakhi – Range of Grab Bars
  • Sakhi – Bedside Rail
  • Sakhi – Over Bed Table
  • Sakhi – Commode chair with wheels
  • Sakhi – Home Patient care cot
  • Sakhi – Attendant cot

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