Senior citizen facilities from the Indian railways

There are a lot of facilities provided by the Indian Government for senior citizens on paper. Unfortunately not many of these are available in reality. The most obvious reason for this is the general apathy on the part of the various organizations and government bodies who are responsible for ensuring the availability of these facilities.

However, they are not the only ones to blame. Many of us do not use the few facilities that are available. This leads the decision makers to feel that they services are under utilized and hence not very important. Gradually they are discontinued and we are back to square one!

If we want more facilities for senior citizens, the elders in our country need to do two things:
1. Use all the facilities available, however few they may be, to the maximum.
2. Demand more facilities.

Let us start with the railways. Here are some things that the railways are providing to help Senior citizens.

  1. Concessions for senior citizens – 40% for men over 60 years and 50% for women over 58.
  2. Separate counters for booking/cancellation of tickets.
  3. A battery-operated car service is available at both Chennai Central and Egmore stations for the convenience of disabled and aged passengers. Even if you can walk all the way, if this service is available use it. The phone numbers are Chennai Central: 99403 56789 and Egmore: 99520 56789.

If you know of any other service or similar services in other railway stations, do let us know so we can update this information on our site.  Together we can make this country a more civilized place.