Senior Heroes – Ingvar Kamprad

ingvar_kampradI read an article recently about the founder of IKEA and the world’s 8th richest man estimated to be worth 15.7 Billion GBP. One incident stood out!  Below I am quoting the article

Recently, a statue of him was erected in his Swedish home town, and he was invited to cut the ribbon. It was reported that instead he untied it, folded it neatly and handed it to the mayor, telling him he could now use it again.

While we may think that he is tight-fisted, another way to look at it is how the previous generation lived while keeping their carbon footprint (even though the term was not even invented then!) low.

Read more:–man-founded-Ikea-worth-pound-15bn.html#ixzz2LJkORsLc

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