Tamae Watanabe(73) – Oldest person to conquer Mt. Everest

Tamae Watanabe
Oldest person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest

On 19th May 2012, Tamae Watanable, at the age of 73, conquered Mt. Everest and became the oldest person to reach the top of the highest peak in the world.  She bettered her own record set 10 years earlier.

Tamae Watanabe reached Everest’s 8,850-meter-high (29,035-foot-high) summit from the northern side of the mountain in Tibet on Saturday morning at about 7 AM after having started on the last leg at 8:30 PM the previous evening with four other team members.

We salute the indomitable spirit of this sprightly 73 year old.  To put things in perspective, only about 4000 people have ever successfully reached to top of Mt. Everest so far in the history of mankind.