The 3 R’s for Senior Citizens

I was recently talking to a senior citizen customer and he shared with me the 3 R’s that are of utmost importance to them during this phase of their life.

They want to be relevant.  Through a career typically spanning three or four decades, each senior citizen has learnt a lot – literally a lifetime worth of knowledge – and quite a bit of that continues to be meaningful and useful in today’s world.  Just because they have retired does not mean they have nothing more to contribute to the world today.

They want to feel required. Again a lifetime of experiences has honed their skills in multiple areas and hence they are in a position to help us, the next generation, navigate through life’s ups and down.  If only we ask them!

They want to be respected.  Traditionally, India is a country known to respect elders.  However, this culture seems to have eroded over the last few decades.  It behooves us to remember that where we, the generation X, are today is largely due to the efforts of our elders – for they have helped educate us and given us a bright future.  If that does not deserve our respect, what will?