Thoughts on our name

We named our store for Senior Citizens “Old is Gold Store” because it has a nice positive ring to it and reflects our sincere belief that our parents and elderly friends are as precious as gold.

However, in the e-commerce world what is more important is that the site’s address is easy to type, spell, pronounce and has a clear correlation to what you are doing/selling.

Let us look at how our name fares on each of the criteria of ease of typing, spelling, pronouncing and relating:

1.  We could not get, obviously.  So it is which is kind of long and winding.  So on the count of ease of typing we have a lot to be desired.

2.   E-commerce sites which play with words and spellings(replacing C with K, or dropping the “e” from the ending “er” – flickr, bickr, suckr,… you get the idea) have a difficult time until the become popular and mainstream.  Not only will people find it difficult to find the site, they might end up reaching a competitors site with the proper spelling.  On the spelling front, I think we do not have a problem. is easy to spell with nothing french or complicated about it.

3.  Clear pronunciation:  This is of paramount importance especially when you are hoping that the news of your e-commerce site will spread through word-of-mouth.  If you have people asking “How do you spell that?” when you mention your site address, you definitely have this problem.  In our case, though the site address is quite a mouthful, it is still easy enough to say and understand, especially since “Old is Gold” is a very well known phrase.

4. Name association:  This is where we are facing a serious challenge.  Here’s what has happened a few times already:

We talk to someone about OldisGoldStore and tell them that it is a store exclusively for senior citizens who are unfortunately a marginalized and neglected population in India and that we are trying to do all that we can to make their sunset years nice and comfortable, and so on.

The next time, we meet the person, they ask “So, how is your antique shop doing?”.  Obviously, despite all our pitching they remember us as an antique shop!  We did not worry about it too much the first couple of times it happened, but it has happened too many times too quickly for us to just brush it off.  A few days ago, I went to bed thinking to myself that we might have to change the name if this carries on, and woke up with another thought.

I quickly googled Antique and the definition read “Having a high value because of considerable age“.  So, in a way, the people who thought we are dealing with antiques are quite right in a way.  Our customers are definitely “Having a high value because of considerable age“.  So, now we have also started telling people that we are a different kind of antique store in a half-joking, half-serious manner and I believe that is helping them remember exactly what we stand for.

Now, will you, dear reader, remember what we stand for exactly?

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