Understanding cots for home use

hospital cot

For a person who is unwell and likely to spend a lot of time in bed, choosing the right cot is of paramount importance. Just like there are special cots used in hospitals, there are special cots for home use as well.
Some of them are described below.

Common Features

While hospital cots are on the higher side to be more comfortable for Doctors and nurses, the typical cot for home use should be no higher than 20” from the ground.

Similarly, while hospital cots come with caster wheels to enable easy
movement of the patient to other parts of the hospital, home cots are safer without wheels.

Cots also come in manual and electrical versions.

The Semi-Fowler

This cot provides facilities to raise the head side into a reclining position using an easy to operate crank.The diagrams below illustrate what the cot looks like when it is in a completely flat position and when it is in a reclined position.


The Fowler Cot

This cot allows the knee segment to be raised in addition to the facilities provided by the semi-fowler.

semi-fowler cot

The image above shows the different positions of a fowler cot. This cot is useful when the knee side also has to be raised.

The Five Function Cot

This is a more advanced cot that provides all the features of a Fowler cot and in addition provides height adjustment and tilting (head side and foot side) facilities. These cots come in manual and electrical versions, with and without wheels.

The five function cot

More advanced versions

There are more advanced cots available which can be procured on request. However, they may not be essential in a home care environment. The head side segment can be positioned at any angle and this can be done without disturbing or moving the person lying on the bed.