You could be the chosen one!

thechosenoneYour parents may have 3-4 children or even more and yet the primary responsibility of looking after them in the old age may fall on you. The choice of you as the primary caregiver could be driven by many different factors – city you live in, the size of the house you have, the proximity of the required medical facilities, your marital status, your financial situation, maybe even your parents’ preference.

Given that in all probability, each of your siblings is married and has a family of their own, the ailing parent can only be looked after by one of you at any given time. Though it is possible to shift them from one sibling’s house to another on a regular schedule (we see this quite often), that is by no means a very comfortable proposition from the parent’s perspective.

Talk to your siblings, find out how they can help, see how you can have them share the additional responsibilities with you, but remember the bottom line – if they are staying with you, you are their main caregiver and it is entirely your responsibility to handle the situations that arise.

“Why me?” is a question you can ask every minute of every day, and yet never get an answer. so, if you are the chosen one, deal with it.

This is the third article in the series – “The Elephant in the Room”.
The elephant in the room” (TEITR) series is meant to highlight many “obvious” facts and realities about the life of senior citizens in India that most of us tend to ignore/avoid.

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