Accessibility issues for elders

It is indeed surprising, that despite being a culture that supposedly reveres the elderly, we don’t give the needs of the aged and the disabled in India any thought at all.

To truly appreciate how insensitive we are to the …

Workshop on Incontinence

The management of Old is Gold Store; Prithvi, Jaya and Sanjay felt the need to address the long neglected topic of understanding and managing incontinence (bladder weakness) among the senior citizens of our community. This led to the idea of …

A short film to create awareness about Parkinson’s Disease

A lot of people are still not aware of Parkinson’s Disease. Especially here in India, many people just think that the old man (or woman) is simply being obtuse and troublesome on purpose.  In this film, however, a doctor describes …

Combating Parkinson’s together

A news report in Hindu talks about a new self-help group that is bringing together people with Parkinson’s.  Here is an extract from the report:

pdtulip-aware3At first, Kannan S. thought there was something wrong with his eyes. He would feel …

Workshop on bladder weakness


Using your ATM/debit card safely.

ATM-MachineA recent study shows that people become more trusting as they age. While there are a lot of positives associated with this increased trust, this can also lead to an increase in gullibility among the elders.

Recent news items show …

Cocoon in the news – ET

cocoon_logoWe were covered by ET yesterday.  An brief extract follows.  The link to the original article is at the end of the post.


For years they watched as dejected seniors and stroke victims reached out to buy ungainly hospital …

Staying safe and allergy free this Diwali

8210-on-head_D_2Diwali is fast approaching. While this is a joyous festival, for many of our elders, this is a time of great trepidation.

After all, Diwali is inextricably entwined with fireworks, and this means heightened levels of pollution that can lead …

Service Excellence Award from SCGOBN

The Senior Citizens Group of Besant Nagar has chosen Old is Gold Store as a recipient of the Service Excellence Award.

Their invite is attached below

Awards presentation ceremony invitation 1 (3)

Advice on How to age gracefully

Here is a video I found on the net on how to age gracefully.

At the end of the day, do what you want to do, after all nobody knows what the hell they are doing!…