Service Excellence Award from SCGOBN

The Senior Citizens Group of Besant Nagar has chosen Old is Gold Store as a recipient of the Service Excellence Award.

Their invite is attached below

Awards presentation ceremony invitation 1 (3)

Advice on How to age gracefully

Here is a video I found on the net on how to age gracefully.

At the end of the day, do what you want to do, after all nobody knows what the hell they are doing!…

24-hour helpline for elders to be launched

elder-abuse-300x300The city may soon get a 24-hour helpline for senior citizens in an initiative taken up by Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), in association with Sneha Sandhya and HelpAge India.

The helpline at the YMCA, a first-of-its-kind initiative in the …

What is caregiving?

0314_SeniorCaregiving_LeadShotCaregiving is the process in which one individual (caregiver) looks after another individual (care recipient) who is in need of special support to go through their day. In the context of this book, the care recipient is a 60+ years …

India spends mere 0.032 percent of GDP on senior citizen: Study

old_india_bAs per the ‘State of India’s Elderly-2014′ report by HelpAge India, the country has 100 million elderly and by 2050 the figure is likely to triple to 324 million.

“But there are not enough dependable community support systems matching this …

Oldest women (born in the 1800s)

n-OLDEST-large570We can all agree that it’s a great feat to live to be 100 — but it’s an even greater feat if you live well, well past it. Believe it or not, the five oldest people in the world today …

The old serve the young

In a role reversal, a few seniors in Besant Nagar are caring for youngsters. L. KANTHIMATHI on their initiatives in The Hindu.


We tend to picture senior citizens as helpless and leaning heavily on others. And therefore, we are surprised …

From a user of Cocoon – Adaptive clothing for seniors

rama murali gmom1I am a Family Caregiver living in Abhiramapuram and my mother and I take care of my elderly grandmother. My grandmother has some challenges with mobility and with moving her right arm as she is a stroke survivor, but she …

Managing incapacities and sudden death – Part III

This is part-III of Precautions to protect assets after death.

Leaving behind instructions to handle incapacities
medicaid-nursing-home-coverageA closed cover noted as confidential stating name and date could be kept along with will or given to a close relative or a …

Precautions to protect assets after death – Part II

Continuing from Part – I.

Compliance-ChecklistPlease prepare a checklist on first of January or first of April each year of various due dates for compliance and prevent any omission/loss/ inconvenence. This will not only help keep track of your compliances …