Month: March 2014

Five Things That Healthcare Providers and Patients Should Question


Since 2012, the American Geriatrics Society (AGS) has also been collaborating with the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) Foundation, joining its “Choosing Wisely” campaign on two separate lists of Five Things Healthcare Providers and Patients Should Question. The campaign is designed to engage healthcare organizations and professionals, individuals, and family caregivers in discussions about the safety and appropriateness of medical tests, medications, and procedures. Participating healthcare providers are asked to identify five things—tests, medications, or procedures—that appear to harm rather than help. Providers then share this information in a published article about these things on the ABIM campaign’s website ( The first AGS list was published in February 2013.

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Over 75? Your pension may get door-delivered soon!

Your pension Sunil Kumar Jha, a 77-year-old retired central government employee, would heave a sigh of relief amid this scorching summer. Come April and he won’t need to visit his bank and stand in the long queue to draw his monthly pension. The State Bank of India has planned a welcome respite for the pensioners — aged 75 years or more — by delivering monthly their earnings at their doorsteps.

The country’s biggest bank will start this pilot project from April 1 in Kolkata. If successful, other public sector banks would follow suit, which would benefit thousands of aged and ailing pensioners all over the country.

On getting this news from TOI, Jha, who stays near Don Bosco, Park Circus, and takes a 15-minute walk to visit his branch once a month for his pension, said, “It is a great initiative.” Nearly 32,000 pensioners like Jha, who are on the wrong side of 75 in Bengal and have a pension account with SBI, can now opt for this service from April.

The unique scheme, named ‘SBI 75+’, is the brain child of SBI chairman Arundhati Bhattachrya. The chief general manager of SBI (Bengal circle), Sunil Srivastava, pointed out that this is for the first time any bank in the country has undertaken such an initiative of hand delivery of pension at the door steps of elderly people.

“The scheme would be rolled out across the country over a period of time if it is found feasible. We were working on it for a few months following instructions from our chairman. We found that a lot of pensioners are staying alone as their children are abroad for studies or work. It is really difficult for them to withdraw the pension. Their number is increasing rapidly. We have tried our best to lend our helping hand to them,” he said.

Nationally, the number of pensioners aged 75 years or more would be over five lakh for SBI alone. The total number of pensioners with SBI is over 36 lakh now. There are 2.39 lakh pensioners in Bengal who are SBI account holders. Around 14% of them are in the 75+ age bracket. “There are 17 pensioners in the 100+ age bracket as well,” added Srivastava.

Srivastava explained that SBI will publish a helpline number 9674711102 for enrolling into the scheme. Once enrolled, the bank will issue two photo identity cards for the pensioners. “One identity card will be with the customer and another with the branch. While delivering the pension, the identity cards will be exchanged. This will act as a safety net to the whole process. Our own employees will deliver the pension. We shall only charge Rs 50 for this service per transaction,” he added.

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Free Hearing test for Old is Gold Store customers

Free Hearing test Hearing issues are often neglected.  And if not rectified in time, hearing problems can get worse, so much so that one might lose ones hearing completely.

We, at Old is Gold Store, understand the importance of preserving each of our faculties and senses.  To help our customers take the first step, we have arranged for free hearing test.  To avail this, please call us at 044 244 66244.

HC Concern for senior citizens

The Orissa High Court on Tuesday issued notice to the State Government over non-implementation of the provisions under the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007.
Acting on a writ petition filed by a senior citizen Tarini Charan Padhy of Nabarangpur, the division bench of Chief Justice AK Goel and Justice AK Ratha has directed the State to file response within four weeks.
The petitioner drew the attention of the Court to the problems and sufferings of the elderly population in the State due to non-implementation of the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act in the State.
The Act while mandating establishment of old age homes, providing special beds and wards for senior citizens in healthcare centres along with facilities for their treatment has stipulated constitution of Tribunals to deal with the problems and complaints of the elderly. They should be treated with respect.
It is a matter of grave concern that even after a lapse of five years, the State Government has not even moved to frame the rules for the act nor taken any steps to implement the provisions. Despite repeated appeals to the Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, and other Government authorities no action has been taken, Padhy alleged. The petitioner submitted that the population of senior citizens in India is steadily on the rise and projected to grow faster in the coming years.Senior citizens constitute 8.5 per cent of the population at present in State, however, it is more than the national average.
This evolving demographic situation calls for fresh thinking at the policy level to not only take care of the ageing population but also devising ways in which the potential of the senior citizens can be fully utilised.
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Of remote caregivers and happy endings…

Mr. P came to our store yesterday. Since his mother’s passing 6 months ago, he had not had any reasons to come to our store, so it was a bit of a surprise for us.

More surprisingly, instead of the usual glum look, he was grinning from ear to ear. And he had a lady in tow. With a great deal of affection he introduced the lady as his lovely wonderful sister from Delhi. He also announced that his sister had arranged for an all expenses paid 15-day trip to Europe for him and that he was leaving next week and would like to buy some Anti-embolism stockings for himself.

He chatted with us for a few more minutes, paid for the socks and left with a spring in his step.

We were happy to see this wonderful change in Mr. P for we knew that neither his life nor the relationship with his sister had been so sunny before.

His ailing mother had lived with him for over 10 years till her recent death. A seventy year old retiree himself, it must have been difficult to look after himself and his mother. His sister apparently had offered to look after their mother, but unfortunately the Delhi climate had not suited her so after a short stint she had returned to Chennai to stay with her son.

According to Mr. P, his mother had been a dynamic woman, till a sudden stroke imprisoned her to her bed. A lot of the frustration she must have obviously felt subsequently was regularly taken out on poor Mr. P, as he was the only one around, and that caused him quite a bit of angst. Things got worse when his sister came visiting (which she did diligently every month or so, for a day or two) as their mother showered a whole lot of love on her daughter during those monthly visits.

Mr. P found it difficult to reconcile the fact that he did all the looking after, but was treated so badly, while his sister could just breeze in once in a while, cuddle up with mom, feel happy and go back to her life.

After every such visit, Mr. P would personally visit our store (forsaking the door delivery facility), ostensibly to collect some more diapers for his mother but really to vent his pent up frustrations. Once in a fit of rage, he said “I do all the cleaning and feeding etc., and all I get is cursed roundly”. After fuming for a while his anger subsided, and then he continued “My sister is nice. What can she do if my mother is frustrated with me? I guess it is good that she is here and amma is happy for at least a couple of days”. On our part, we were happy to be his release mechanism. After all, we are no strangers to such situations having seen similar stories play out at many of our clients’s homes.

We have a name for people like Mr. P’s sister – Non-resident family caregivers. As a class, they are usually well-intentioned and try to be as helpful as possible. They are also usually guilt ridden, being unable to participate more in the caregiving process. However, their good intentions do not always translate into supportive action. More often than not, their well-meaning suggestions come out as ill-conceived meddlesome advice.

If you are a non-resident caregiver, understand that the primary caregiver is usually under a lot of stress and hence may be a little short of patience, even though they would very much like to have all the support from you. The best way you can be a remote caregiver is to be supportive of the primary caregiver and shower them with all the love and affection you can give.

Mr.P’s sister is doing just that and we can see how that is having such a positive impact on his life. We wish Mr.P Bon Voyage and wish him many more happy years ahead!

Second Innings in careers – A mela in West Bengal

A mela in West BengalTo help senior citizens to step into life with second career options after retirement, the West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (WBHIDCO) is holding a senior citizen mela to help them train and choose career options.

The senior citizen mela is being held at Rabindra Tirtha in New Town Rajarhat adjacent to Kolkata from Friday and will continue till Monday, WBHIDCO sources said today.

In the mela workshops are being held to help senior citizens learn on cooking and home delivery, IT and Desktop publishing, Handicraft and run a boutique, beautician course to run a beauty parlour, so that they can start their second career options, the sources said.

Seminars are being held on legal matters, developing writing skills and net publishing, Home tourism, Financial management, diabetics – know your numbers – way to a healthy life to help senior citizens, they said.

A fashion show by the senior citizens was also held in the mela.

In the mela, a book fair is being held. Life of Rabindranath Tagore, art and paintings of Rabindranath Tagore and commemoration of 100 years of receiving Nobel prize by Rabindranath Tagore showcased by the Information and Cultural Affairs department of government of West Bengal is also being organised.

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