Special Security Cell for Senior Citizen in Odisha

Special Security Cell SAMBALPUR: In a bid to provide safety to elderly citizens, who are becoming easy target of criminals, SP Prateek Mohanty launched a Senior Citizen Security Cell here on Tuesday.

The cell was launched in Khetrajpur police station and will be shortly introduced in Town, Dhanupali and Ainthapali police stations. Dedicated staff will operate the cell and will be in touch with elderly citizens regularly. The SP said persons above the age of 60 are required to register themselves with the respective police stations. They will be asked to provide complete details including age, address, details of family members, contact numbers, name and addresses of their domestic helps.

You can read the whole article here.

https://www.newindianexpress.com/states/odisha/2014/aug/20/Special-Security-Cell-for-Senior-Citizen-in-Odisha-650003.html )

Udhavi – A volunteer group to help senior citizens

UdhaviUdhavi – A volunteer group that provides companionship services to elders in their area was covered by the Hindu last week. Excerpts below.

Their children have flown the nest. They have to take care of themselves. Needless to say, they feel lonely.

Sabita Radhakrishna has founded a voluntary organisation, Udhavi, for such seniors.

These days, aged parents either prefer to live by themselves or need someone to take care of them, even if they live with their children,” says Sabita.

Udhavi sends its volunteers to seniors to provide them companionship or to render some help. They spend quality time with the aged, taking them out for walks or any events, chat with them, read books to them, play indoor games with them, write letters or run errands for them.

For seniors to make use of the services of Udhavi, they have to register with the organisation and also produce a consent letter from their children.

“We train our volunteers to be patient and be prepared to repeat any chore the seniors tell. They are instructed to keep from giving any medical advice, prying into the personal affairs of the aged, discussing financial matters and giving any unsolicited advice. The volunteers are not supposed to give any food or refreshments,” she adds.

“Udhavi is still a fledgling organisation and we seek advice and help from Dignity Foundation whenever required,” says Sabita.

To read more, click here. (  https://www.thehindu.com/features/downtown/making-them-feel-on-top-of-the-world/article6323907.ece)

Senior citizens in the news

Senior citizens in the newsOn Google, there is a facility by which you can set “Alerts” on specific keywords and phrases. Whenever a new article, or web page  with the specified words is added/created, Google sends you a mail with the link to the relevant page.

At Old is Gold Store, since we are interested in all matters relating to Senior Citizens, we have an alert set up for the phrase “Senior Citizen”.   Everyday we get alerts with 10 – 15 links to articles relating to senior citizens out of which 80% are from outside India and 20% are from India.

The articles from other countries are all almost always positive articles.  However, 99% of the articles from within India relate to violence and theft perpetrated on senior citizens.

Why are we not having more positive news relating to senior citizens in India?

Request our readers to share with us pleasant news relating to senior citizens please.

Legal support for Seniors – Free from Dignity Foundation

Dignity Foundation ChennaiDignity Foundation Chennai Chapter is launching their “Legal Clinic” at Dignity Foundation Office on August 13th.

The idea behind “Legal Clinic” is to offer senior citizens trusted information and advice on legal issues and clear doubts that they might have. The Helpline Team at Dignity will first hear the case and depending on the issue will fix an appointment with the concerned lawyer who will meet the person and offer legal advice and the course of action to be taken at our office.This service is free. Our Helpline Team will then follow up with the senior on any procedures and help in resolving the issue. So the senior can rest assured that Dignity Helpline will be with them throughout and that they are in safe hands.

The lawyers in the panel include

Mr.Raza Narayanan


Mr.Kandaswamy and


Please do let your friends and family know so that this information reaches out to more people.

Homes for seniors through Public-Private-Partnerships

Interesting news in the Times of India today.  

Homes for seniors Delhi Development Authority has drafted a proposal to create the biggest housing project for the elderly built with government participation in the country. Spread over 24 acres in Rohini, the plan is to construct around 4,500 one-room flats for the elderly on rental basis with common kitchens, canteens, medical and recreational facilities.

The project — Senior Citizen Service Apartment — will be developed through public private partnership. DDA will be equity partner by way of contribution of its land and DDA’s partner, the private developer, will construct the apartment, gymnasium, library, walking track, medical room and other facilities.

To read more about this, go here. (https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/Delhi-Development-Authority-plans-to-build-4500-flats-for-the-elderly/articleshow/37802263.cms )

In the twilight of their lives, healthy food is a call away

home delivered food In the times of India today, there is a nice article on home delivered food for the elderly.  An excerpt from the article is given below.  Follow the link at the end to read the entire article.

“One person asked me why I didn’t provide food for older people,” Kripa says. “That made me feel guilty.” She now delivers lunch to suit the palates of seniors. “We now have clients aged between 60 and 85,” she says.

In a city with a large population of the grey and greying, many of whom don’t live with their children, demand is on the rise for home-cooked food. With children leaving the nest, many elderly people have to fend for themselves – and advancing age and poor health have made cooking too difficult for them.

“My wife and I are in our 80s and our children live in the US. We can’t do the cooking,” says 87-year-old Mylapore resident R Rangarajan. They now use the services of a caterer, who sends them south Indian meals of rice, poriyal, rasam, sambar and buttermilk at 11am every day.

You can read the entire article here.


We also have a list of such providers on our site here.  Please call us if you would like to add a few more food providers to the list.

Getting groceries, vegetables and food delivered home

 Getting groceries, vegetables and food delivered homeOne of the few reasons why living in India is better than living in some developed country, especially for senior citizens, is the option we have to order stuff that we need over the phone and getting it delivered within hours or even minutes to our doorstep.

Most medical shops home deliver medicines around their shop. The vegetable vendor comes around once or twice daily with a cart full of vegetables. Every Kirana shop has a phone and a simple call and you have all the groceries you need in no time – there is usually not even a minimum order quantity!

It is important for every senior citizen to have a list of phone numbers of all shops and pharmacies around their house so that they can get what they need without having to go out unnecessarily (unless they want to, of course).

In addition, there are a lot of online stores coming that that deliver all the necessities to your doorstep. They may not provide the same personalized experience, but nevertheless help you get what you need. Here are some of the online stores that you can use:

Groceries and vegetables

Name: Chennai Online Grocery
Site: http://www.chennaionlinegrocery.com
Delivery area:  Chennai and surrounding areas.
Site:  http://www.gocrazee.com
Delivery area: Across south India.
Name:  Big Basket
Site: http://www.bigbasket.com
Delivery area:  Bangalore and suburbs
Name:  My Grahak
Delivery area:  Delhi – NCR
Name: My Eazy Life
Site:    http://www.MyEazyLife.com
Delivery area:  Delhi
Name:  Veggi Bazaar
Site:  http://www.veggibazaar.com
Delivery area: Chennai

Food Delivery
It is good to have a list of restaurants near by that deliver food home, for those days when you don’t want to cook or would like to have something different.  A new crop of sites provide you the ability to order from even multiple restaurants if you so wish.

Here are a list of sites that let you get food from restaurants around your city delivered home.

Name:  Dine In
Site:  www.dinein.in
Delivery area: Chennai
Name: YummyBay
Site: www.yummybay.com
Delivery area:  Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Kerala
Name: Zomato
Site: www.zomato.com
Delivery area:  All over India (This is more a restaurant finder)
Name:  Just Eat
Site: www.justeat.com
Delivery area:  Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Mumbai
Name:  Delyver
Site: www.delyver.com
Delivery area:  Bangalore
Name:  GoGrab
Site: www.gograb.in
Delivery area:  Chennai


Startups bring the doctor and hospital home

Rupali Mukherjee, TNN | Jun 9, 2014, 07.24AM IST. From the Times of India.

Startups bring the doctor and hospital homeMUMBAI: Healthcare will now be made available right at your door step. Thanks to start-ups who are using disruptive technologies to pioneer a home-based medical care model to address healthcare needs at the comfort of homes, shifting from the traditional hospital-centric delivery platform. Companies have now evolved to provide not only basic healthcare, but also speciality care to those suffering with chronic diseases, and to a largely untapped elderly population at their homes.

Fuelled by the growing burden of chronic diseases in the country, rising demand for elderly care and post-surgery rehab services, companies like Portea Medical, Healthcare at Home, Medwell and India Home Health Care are focusing on a home-based healthcare delivery platform, by providing home visits from doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and offer post-operative, palliative and ICU care.

Home healthcare, an established model in the US is pegged around $80 billion, while in India it is at a nascent stage, estimated around $3 billion, and growing rapidly. Globally, geriatric care accounts for 70% of home healthcare visits.

The potential for the business is huge given the rise in NRIs, nuclear families, an ageing population and those who are working away from home. The demographic target for these start-ups is thus wide, anyone suffering from a chronic disease or even with a basic healthcare issue, in the age group of 45 to 80 years, and older.

“We estimate that roughly 80% of the care that is currently given in the hospital can be delivered in the home setting, with the proper use of technology. Our biggest segments are geriatric care (elder care) and post-operative care (after hospital procedure care). Besides, we are evaluating to bring in personalized medical devices/wearables to India for personalized monitoring of patients at home”, serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Portea Medical, K Ganesh told TOI.

The rates charged by these companies range from a single everyday service to long-term care packages, and prices vary between geographies and severity of the disease. The charges are anywhere from Rs 500 a visit for a small service like an injection administration or a wound dressing, Rs 700 – 1000 for a doctor visit, Rs 450 – 650 for a physiotherapist visit, to setting an ICU at home for Rs 7,500 a day which is almost 50% cost effective than the same service being charged in a corporate hospital, the firms claim. Certain firms like Portea and Medwell offer annual subscription packages of Rs 12,000-15,000 too.

Recently, others like CauseforSmile have come up to address the biggest worries of NRIs concerning parents — health, fitness, recreation, as well as social aspects.

Though Portea is focussing on mainly basic healthcare needs, others like Medwell Ventures and Burman family-promoted Health Care at Home will provide speciality home care to patients suffering from chronic ailments.

“Our focus is on providing home health for patients with chronic diseases, and thus supporting the continuum of care to those who generally have very high re-admission rates into hospitals. Some of these patients have ailments like heart failure, COPD, chronic arthritis, post operative surgical site wound management for chronic diabetic patients”, Vishal Bali chairman and co-founder Medwell Ventures said.

There is a huge potential for these kind services, experts say. “But the kind of model, market segment and quality of care on offer would be key to be successful in this space”, says Ajit Mahadevan leader life sciences at Ernst & Young.

Increasingly, mobile telephony, internet and telemedicine is paving the way for innovative treatment and healthcare models, but a majority of the population residing in towns and remote villages, does not have access to even basic medical care in the country.

What these start-ups seem to betting on is the abysmal doctor-patient ratio and low hospital bed density in the country. Besides, “by treating patients at their homes, hospitals can lower costs and become more efficient, and patients also benefit from better health outcomes because they are not exposed to hospital-borne infections”, says Zachary Jones, co-founder Portea Medical said.

For the full article go here.


Dignity Literary Event

The Chennai Chapter of Dignity Foundation, a non-profit organisation working for senior citizens (above 50), is organising the ‘Dignity Literary Event’ on June 14 from 9.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. The event will provide an opportunity to showcase their talents – poetry rendition, skit, music or any other form of creative expression. Anitha Ratnam, Ashoka Mithran, Kamali Sripal and Rajan are expected to provide guidance to the participants.

Venue: Utsava Hall, 38/51, 2nd Main Road, Raja Annamalaipuram (next to Billroth Hospital). For details, call 24330363 or 42316566.

May be it is not as bad as it seems

May be it is not as bad as it seemsThe two sisters came in looking for something for their dad. From their conversation with each other, one could make out that their dad was not keeping well, was stubborn and inflexible (like some seniors who have been fiercely independent all their lives are wont to be), but still very much loved.

The sisters, one resident and the other visiting, were carrying on a banter about the dad’s shenangans with a subtext of indulgent smiles, crinkled noses, shrugs and sighs. One could see that despite the obvious love and affection they had for their dad, their nerves were frayed and their patience was wearing thin.

As they were browsing, Mr. S came in. Mr. S is 70+ and an old customer. He had not visited since his mother had passed away a few months back. He looked a little thinner and a bit more harried. I enquired politely about how life was treating him. A casual question, but it must have been the key to the flood gates, for there was such an outpouring for the next few minutes.

Apparently, he had had a mild heart attack and had undergone an angioplasty since he last met us and was just recovering. As though that was not sufficiently taxing, his father-in-law had moved in with him as he had been recently diagnosed with some malignant form of cancer. The F-i-l was apparently largely confined to bed now and needed constant looking after – the usual diaper change and feed and all the other help in taking care of his daily living – not to mention sleepless nights and visits to the doctor involving interminable waiting times. Poor Mr. S, not only did he have to take care of himself, he had an even older man to look after. No wonder he looked harried. I could not do much more than mumble some inane platitudes about keeping up the spirit and how things will work out well in the end and so on. He sighed, bought some diapers for his father-in-law and left.

The two ladies who had fallen silent in Mr. S’s presence seemed to come out of a trance. “Wow! We are in a much better state than that poor man. We have no right to complain”, they said and left the store in a much better frame of mind.

I only hope they remind themselves of this every time things get more difficult. As for Mr. S, I can only wish him good health and the strength to endure and survive this trial too.